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CHIPEX 2011 (booth #16), Tel-Aviv
DAC 2011 (booth #2015), San-Diego

ASICServe's Team

Yossi Rindner, General Manager

Since founding ASICServe in 1999, Mr. Yossi Rindner was instrumental in many successful RTL signoff and tape outs. Mr. Rindner works closely with customers in all ASIC design phases and provides proactive support with creative solutions and fast response.
After 6 years of service in the IAF, Mr. Rindner worked for 9 years at Elbit Systems, Haifa, as design engineer and 5 years at Synopsys, Mountain View, as DC CAE.

Ohad Meshulam, Senior R&D manager

Before joining ASICServe, Mr. Meshulam worked as Senior VLSI design engineer at Horizon Semi, designing SOC for encoding and decoding Audio & Video streaming while specializing in DDR Controllers. Previously, Mr. Meshulam worked in CMOS Image Sensors R&D group at Tower Semi, designing pixels arrays and participating in many tape-outs and shuttles while handling all aspects of ASIC flow.

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